I am a  photographer and actor based in Bristol

My work as a photographer has appeared in various publications and television shows.



I take headshots and publicity stills for actors and performers. 

My aim is to capture compelling portraits that evoke an emotional connection with the viewer.

My current rate for headshots is £150.00. 

For this you receive a selection of shots to choose three of your favourites 

Each chosen image will be retouched.

I love exploring 

One day I'll own a Border Collie and call it Melon

You can never have too many olives

More than 4 people and I'm lost

I have seen a ghost. She was beautiful

I love sandalwood, cinnamon, bats, fir trees, old paper and twine, mist and fog, lakes and mountains, the owl outside my bedroom window.

I'm lucky to have found my soul mate and she doesn't like olives

Some of my favourite authors are;

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Donna Tartt, Richard Yates, Stephen King

Musicians/Bands that have at some point ruled my world;

Damien Rice, The Broken Family Band, The Waterboys, Phoebe Bridgers, The Cure, Conor Oberst, Frank Sinatra...

If you're interested in hiring me, buying a print or would like more information regarding Headshot sessions or anything else please contact me below.

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