I take headshots and publicity shots for actors and performers. I shoot both outdoors in natural light and inside using studio lighting.

As well as being a photographer, I have been an actor for the past 30 years or so. I know first hand that headshot sessions can be stressful and there can be a lot of pressure to get 'that' shot. My aim is to have an atmosphere that is as relaxed and as playful as possible. 

Headshot sessions should last no more than one and a half/ two hours. I aim to capture shots that show approachability, confidence and that look like you.

My current rate for headshots is £150.00

 For this you receive a selection of shots to choose three of your favourites (I will give you my recommendations, which you can feel free to ignore). Each chosen image will be retouched and available in colour and black and white versions. If you require more images from the session the charge is £15 per photo.

If you would like more information or to book a session please mail me via the About Me section.

Thank you for your interest.